Buddy Game Chair Is Optimized For Playing On Home Consoles And Handheld Devices


If you spend your gaming hours in front of a monitor and a desktop rig, having a proper office chair can help make your button mashing sessions a lot more comfortable. If your gaming habit puts you in front of the TV or a mobile device, however, an office chair won’t help all that much. The Buddy Game Chair, however, definitely will.

Designed to be set down on the floor like a bean bag, the cushioned seat is meant to provide support for long hours of gaming, whether you’re playing on an Xbox One, a 3DS, or an iPhone. Even better, it’s meant to support different postures, so you don’t have to sit the exact same way every time you play.


The Buddy Game Chair combines a cushioned seat with an outward-leaning spine that you can either use as a back rest or as support for your elbows, making it easier to use when holding a controller, a handheld console, or a mobile device. This allows you to chair in different ways, allowing you to play in a reclined position, a more engaged forward-leaning position, and even a side-leaning posture. It’s padded with soft but firm foam to help you maintain good posture while playing.


Dimensions are 21.3 x 26.8 x 19.7 inches, with a seat cushion that measures 4.3 inches thick. It comes in four colors: brown/pink, green/black, brown/green, and pink/black.

Available now, the Buddy Game Chair is priced at $92.

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