Budsies Brings Your Drawings To Life As Beautiful Plush Dolls


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a service offer to turn children’s drawings into custom plush dolls. We have to say, though, the quality of Budsies’ creations sure look a heck of a lot better than most anything we’ve ever seen.

Rather than retrofit pre-made patterns into the custom creations like many outfits seem to do, it really looks like they handcraft each doll from scratch. As such, the likeness to the drawings is impeccable down to the small details, boosting the chances of making children feel like their pen-to-paper creations genuinely came to life.


All Budsies toys measure 16 inches tall, a size that the company claims is the “perfect balance of cute and huggable,” although they will vary in width and plumpness, depending on the child’s original design. Each one is made with a polyester shell and hypoallergenic filling, no different than what you will find on stuffed toys sold along the shelves at high-end toy stores. Before being sewn into a doll, the artwork is passed onto a designer, who reinterprets it in a size and form that can be fashioned into a plushy, while conforming as close as possible to the original piece.


To order, simply fill out the online form, then either email, upload, or SMS the image (instructions for each one are on the website). They say they can turn, pretty much, anything into a stuffed animal, so you can send in photos of drawings, real people (yes, they’ll turn the person into a plush doll), and even papercraft art (they’ll simply reinterpret them as a doll).


Do note, Budsies has a turnaround time of nine weeks for each doll, so you’ll have to wait around two months before your custom plushy turns up at the door. Price is $69.

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