Use The Buffalo Icecycle To Conquer Frozen Lakes And Rivers This Winter


Sure, you can get yourself a fat bike if you want to ride a bicycle across a nearby lake or river that freezes over during winter. But wouldn’t going round and round in this ridiculous-looking Buffalo Icecycle be even more fun?

Developed in Buffalo, New York as a toy for enjoying the icy winter glaze of the Buffalo River, it lets you ride around the ice as if you were casually riding a bike on the way to school. No more having to learn to skate to enjoy the wide expanse of ice available for playing on during winter – just drag this monstrosity to the spot and enjoy. Yeah, we’re not sure how you’re supposed to drag it to the frozen lake five miles from your house, either, but we assume you’ll figure out a way.

The Buffalo Icecycle starts out with an actual bike with its front wheel swapped out in place of a skate blade to enable steering. The bike is mounted to a frame with its own set of blades for gliding in the frozen water, with the studded rear tire taking care of pushing it forward on the ice (provided you’re pedaling, of course). Measuring 67 x 24 inches (l x w), the frame’s base is large enough to ensure you’ll stay upright the entire time, with a stainless steel construction to help prevent rust during the months you have to leave it in the garage to gather dust (basically, the rest of the year).

Available now, the Buffalo Icecycle is priced at $2,500.

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