Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta Offers A Not-So-Gross Way To Eat Bugs


If the apocalypse happens, eating bugs will likely be one of the most accessible ways to feed ourselves. Problem is, you can’t even begin to think of eating a cricket or a worm, much less actually go through with it. If you want to build up the nerve to finally try out those canned insect goods you bought a while back, maybe start off with the Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta first.

A pasta made from crickets, it lets you ease into the whole business of eating bugs without the stigma of having to look at a tiny critter while you’re putting it in your mouth. That’s because the darn things look more like twisty, curly pasta than crickets, allowing you to finish a plate without the thought of tiny critters ever crossing your mind.


The Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is made using a mix of traditional wheat flour and cricket flour, a powder obtained from slow-roasting the chirping bugs and milling them. It comes in a fusilli shape, with a distinctive brown color and a taste that the company describes as similar to roasted nuts. We’re not entirely sure how well roasted nuts will taste when lathered with your favorite pasta sauces, but we guess you can approximate the results if you’re thinking of trying it out. Like all cricket-based food products, it’s high in protein, along with calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and Omega 3, making for a nutritionally-unique pasta product.

Available in 12.3-oz boxes, the Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is priced at $5.90.

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