Build Your Own Home Disco With Color-Changing LED Panels


Turning your house into a veritable discotheque has never been easier nowadays.   Add a bar desk here, a couple of cool stools there and color-changing LED panels to set the mood.  Can you say funky?

Unlike other lighting panels that come in a single color, these OEM LEDs can change into any of 16 different hues with just the touch of a button.  You can use them as accessory lighting for your living room, with a cool blue light to relax, a red one to ignite deep passions or a standard white LED for added illumination.  They can mount up a wall or a ceiling, as well as function as serving trays (according to the manufacturer, though I’d hate to see my drunk friends spill their drinks all over it).


Offering 180 lumens of illumination, the versatile lighting panel comes with a remote control that you can use to fix it to one solid color or set it into various modes, including strobe, flash and cross-fade.  Once you put together a bunch of these, you can just imagine the effects you can create (note: as tacky as that rendering above).

How cool would it be to deck an entire wall with these things?  It will be way, way cool – but it will cost you.  Each panel costs  $52.39 direct from the Chinese manufacturer, which means it can only get more expensive when somebody imports it into your town.  Still, how theatrical can your home theater be without a full color-changing LED setup to help caress the mood?

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