Build Your Own Paper Robots Helps You Assemble Your Very Own Mecha Army


Remember the New York City papercraft models we featured not too long ago? As fun as building those paper skyscrapers might be, they’re not nearly as enjoyable as having an army of paper robots wreaking havoc in their streets. Build Your Own Paper Robots, a hardback volume with an accompanying CD, will show you how to flood it with robot invaders.

Authored by Julius Perdana and Josh Buczynski (who, as far as we know, are made of flesh and blood), the set contains 14 amazing ready-to-print robot models that you can color, print and put together. Using your PC, a printer, card stock and some glue, simply follow the step-by-step assembly instructions and set up your own army of papercraft machines, ready to terrorize your favorite display shelves. Even better, it comes with scalable, line-art versions of the characters, along with different colors and patterns, so you can edit their designs, allowing for over 250 different variations.

Each of the robots that can be built from the set will feature articulated joints, allowing them to be posed in different positions. That lets you pit them in different scenes, whether that be destroying your model cities, engaging in mecha battles or making some robot love – sweet yet mechanical robot love (we’re assuming you’re 12 years old, of course, if you do this).

Ready to outfit your own lightweight, papercraft mecha army?  Build Your Own Paper Robots is currently available from Amazon UK for £6.39.

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