Bulldang Configurable Sofa Mimics Intestines, Snakes Into A Variety Of Shapes


If you told me that intestines would make a great couch design, I would have laughed in your face. With the Bulldang, though, it all makes sense.

Created by Japanese designer Hirihiko Kamiya, the configurable armchair sofa uses a segmented tube that can be tied and bended in any form you fancy. Using one, you get plenty of options in your seating implements, allowing you to deck out your living room in a traditional, creative or downright insane manner.

The Bulldang uses a 30-foot cushioned tube, with a couple dozen segments to break them up into components that you can reshape. It uses Depont Neotis Studio’s knitted “Climate Control” cloth for the upholstery to take advantage of the fabric’s good ventilation, resistance to rubbings and elastic properties.

Kamiya claims that the anatomical chair design allows users to adapt their seating equipment according to what they’ll find most comfortable, which makes it a more flexible option for designing a room compared to conventional couches. Of course, you can also just spread it on the floor, pour some pig’s blood and make it look like actual intestines. Then invite the neighbors for a housewarming. Now, who’s gonna top that?

You can get your own Bulldang to gross out house guests for $2,380.

[PlushPod ]