Bulldozer Lounge Chair Looks Pretty Solid

Bulldozer Lounge is a brand new creation by Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc which they unvieled at ICFF 2011 in NY. At first glance, you might think this was something out of transformers movie because of the yellow and metal feel but we can assure this thing is not going to change into anything other than a very solid piece of furniture. We only tried it for a short period of time but it actually felt comfortable despite the deceiving looks. Not sure how it would feel after a short nap or 6 hours of pool side reclining.

The solid aluminum frame is padded with foam/neoprene material and looks like it can withstand pretty much anything except maybe sharp objects. But we doubt you would be attacking this thing any time soon. This is first production piece. Price is excpected to be around $12,000.

Check out more pictures of Bulldozer Lounge From the press release and ICFF 2011 in the gallery below.

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