Bulletproof Clipboard Protects Precious Documents During Armed Assault

Two world leaders at war sign a peace treaty that will put an end to the turmoil.  Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to make sure that signed contract stays safe as you bring it to…uhmm…wherever.  War-mongering factions from both sides will attempt to destroy it while you ferry the document.  You are, officially, the last hope for peace in both nations.  In that situation, this Bulletproof Clipboard will be your best ally.

If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would make a bulletproof clipboard, please refer to the above scenario.  Sure, it’s stupid, but haven’t stupider things happened in humanity’s short history?

Created by Ballistic Systems, the Bulletproof Clipboard is, literally, a writing board with clips that can survive armed projectiles being shot your way.  Available in 9 x 12 and 9 x 14 sizes, the armored-up office supply will guarantee your documents are preserved, even as ninjas and armed commandos assault your place of business.

Not only will they stop bullets from penetrating to the other side, the boards are built to last, coming with a 25-year warranty for breakage or clip damage.  Each clipboard comes with two clips to keep your stacks of paper soundly in place, the positions for which you can specify upon ordering.

Pricing for the Bulletproof Clipboards start at $35, which make it sound like an affordable way to build an ultra-safe nerd fort (buy a batch and line them up a wall).  You know, just in case black helicopters appear over your house and soldiers in parachutes begin descending into your home.  Hey, it can happen.

[Link via Red Ferret]