This Bulletproof Vest Has Built-In Air-Conditioning

Every wannabe superhero needs a bulletproof vest.  Otherwise, you’ll be susceptible to gunshots from the henchmen thugs you’re chasing.  And that’s never a good thing.  However, not only do ballistic vests add bulk to your outfit, they can make that full-body superhero suit even hotter, too, especially when battling villains during the hot summer months.  Fortunately, a Swiss research company just developed a new tech for superheroes averse to hot weather — an air-conditioned bulletproof vest.

Developed by Empa, it uses a revised version of the company’s existing Coolpad technology, a temperature-regulating system originally designed for use in medical applications.  The central component of the system is a thin and flexible pouch that, when filled up with water, allows the liquid to gradually evaporate, cooling the air around it.  A large slab of the pad is sandwiched between the inner and outer parts of the vest, along with a miniature fan that blows out cool air through a fabric spacer integrated into the garment.

Both the mini-fan and the Coolpad used in the air-conditioned bulletproof vest have been built especially for it, as the existing tech for both components just aren’t suited to the mechanical and durability requirements that such protective wear entails.  Each vest contains one large pouch that can be topped up with water via a quick-release fastener and two mini-fans.

While similar products have been released in the past, Empa claims their Coolpad ballistic vest is both lighter and more effective at cooling than other items currently in the market. Production is currently underway with Unico Swiss Tex taking the helm.  Other Coolpad-equipped products,  such as jackets and backpacks, are also under development.

[Source: Empa]