A Hard Plate In Front Allows This Baseball Cap To Save You From Headshots


We’re not entirely sure how much actual utility you can get out of Bulletsafe’s Bulletproof Baseball Cap. If you ever worry about being taken out by a front headshot from out of nowhere, though (hey, it happens in videogames), then we guess wearing one of these should help allay your fears while going through your day.

Aimed at police and security guards (and the occasional civilian who likes to dress in bulletproof shirts and carry bulletproof attaches), it’s a ball cap reinforced with level IIA bulletproof protection out front. Yes, just in front, so just make sure you meet every bullet head on and you’ll be fine. Yeah, we know, that’s not how our instincts work, either.

The Bulletsafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is an, erstwhile, generic black hat that’s reinforced with a hard plate in front that’s capable of stopping 9mm, .38, .380, .40 and.45 caliber rounds. Yes, they only covered the front (about 1/3 the entire area of the cap), a decision that the company claims offers the most coverage while maintaining a discreet appearance. And they do succeed on the discreet part, with the hat giving no visible clues of its ballistic capabilities (people will just think you don’t favor stylish headwear).

All the hats are flex-fit, by the way, so they’re plenty convenient, with three sizes available (small, medium, and large). We’re not entirely sure if you can sew on a patch on the front with the hard plate behind it, although you can always just stick it on or do other art stuff if you want to give the hat slightly more personality than its generic black profile affords.

Available now, the Bulletsafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is priced at $129.

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