Bullrest Shrinks The Travel Pillow By 80 Percent


Travel pillows are great, as they help you catch a comfortable nap even on a cramped coach seat. Problem is, the oversized croissant shape makes them a bit too unwieldy to pack. The Bullrest changes that.

Measuring in at an 80 percent smaller size than traditional travel pillows, it’s compact enough that you can carry it by hand on the way to the airport terminal, all while conveniently slotting into the side pouch of a backpack, too. It also comes with a travel pouch that’s designed to be clipped to bags and luggage, giving you even more convenient carrying options.


The Bullrest has an ergonomic shape that’s designed to fit snugly right behind the neck, promoting proper neck alignment, with memory foam construction ensuring it will mold to the exact shape and size of your neck. A stiff frame ensures it retains the ergonomic form through months and years of use, while a large vent at the center enables sufficient airflow to the back of the neck.


Do note, since it doesn’t wear around the neck like traditional travel pillows, the darn thing will fall off as soon as you pop away from the backrest, so you might have to end up picking this up off the floor a couple times during a long flight. It’s available in three colorways.

Available now, the Bullrest is priced at $59.99.

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