Bultaco Brinco Is A Lightweight E-Bike For Your Off-Road Adventures


Spanish motorcycle company, Bultaco, revived their brand last year, but hasn’t really put out anything so far. Turns out, they’re kicking things off not with a motorcycle, but with an off-road electric bike. Meet the Bultaco Brinco.

Similar to a growing breed of electric two wheelers, it’s hard to tell if the Brinco is more of a bicycle or a motorcycle. I mean, take out the pedals and that darn thing looks like a stunt dirt bike, ready to satisfy your daredevil cravings during weekend rides. Confusion caused by crossbreeding aside, it looks sweet (not as sweet as the Meijs Motorman, but still…), although the electric powertrain might make it a little hard to actually use for off-roading (you know, there aren’t exactly a lot of wall outlets in the backwoods).


The Bultaco Brinco is powered by a 2-kW motor mounted in the rear wheel, with the 1.3-kWh battery secured on the downtube. It can push riders to top speeds of up to 37 mph, with the battery providing up to 18.6 miles of range without pedaling. Three riding modes are available: Eco (motor output is capped at 800 watts), Tour (motor is capped at 1500 watts), and Sport (uncapped, you get the full 2000 watts of power), giving riders the option of extending the bike’s effective range. Full torque of 44 pound-feet is available in all modes, so riding should stay just as fun, even if you’re trying to maximize how long the battery can last.


Features include an all-aluminum frame and swingarm, 24-inch tires, and good suspension travel (seven inches out front, 8.5 inches in the rear). It comes with ten speeds that can be accessed via the grip throttle, as well as a centrally-mounted LED readout that serves as the bike computer.

Slated for availability in Spain within the year, the Bultaco Brinco is priced at €4,800.

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