Bumblebee And Megatron Transform Into DS Lite Armors


I’ve been waiting for cool Transformers merchandise for handheld gadgets the past couple of months and haven’t really found anything worthwhile. With the “Revenge of the Fallen” movie coming out this week, though, I figured we should be seeing a couple ┬ámore interesting ones. I think it’s begun with these new armor casings for the Nintendo DS Lite from PDP.

There are only two designs as of the moment, a gray and yellow Bumblebee and a dirty-looking Megatron. Even without the franchise tie-in, the Megatron one just looks spanking cool. It’s better than pretty much any DS casing I’ve seen so far. The Bumblebee case, on the other hand, looks too much like childish fare to be all that interesting. Of course, these DS Lite armors are likely intended for sale to kids instead of old farts like us, so I feel a little dirty even wanting one. Both designs come with a matching iconic weapon-like stylus to complete the geekery.

All the cool online toy stores already have the armors listed on pre-order, with actual shipments expected to take place this week. You can buy either the Bumblebee or Megatron items in a set (one case plus one stylus) for $19.99. Alternatively, you can score only the case or the stylus for $12.99 apiece.

Now, how about some ROTF merchandise of the Megan Fox variety? Preferably in a bikini. I’ll buy some of that.

[PDP via Dvice]