Bumper Stickers For Shoes Let You Amuse The Dude Behind You If He Looks Closely Enough


Shoes are pretty much as-you-get-them pieces.  While you can jazz up your kicks a little, they usually look their best when left to their own devices.  These witty bumper stickers won’t really make your shoes look any snazzier, but they sure as hell can inject a little personality.

Drawing inspiration from regular car bumper stickers, these micro-adhesives stick to the back of your shoes.  Like the witticisms that spawned them, they’re laden with amusing and facetious one liners that’s sure to bring a smile to whoever’s weird enough to be staring at your shoes’ rear panel (which makes me think pants bumper stickers might be a better idea…hmmm).


Of course, it’d be pretty senseless to use the same lines as automobile counterparts.  That’s why these shoe bumper stickers use more appropriate retorts (e.g. “How’s My Walking?”).  Only four variants are on the photo, but I’m pretty sure some Hallmark-reject can come up with a dozen more or so.

I doubt you can get any of these at a real store, though.  In fact, that picture just looks Photoshopped.  Freakin’ cool idea, however, and one you can easily make hundreds of with a printer, adhesive paper and a decent knack for ironic wit.  Expect my favorite sneakers to be toting something similar soon.

[Make Zine via GearFuse]