Forget Disposable Grills, The Burnie Will Dispose Itself Into Ashes After You’re Done Cooking


Disposable grills aren’t new. The Burnie, though, is a disposable grill that you don’t even have to dispose, burning itself to the ground into ashes after you’re finished cooking your burgers and steaks. Talk about convenience.

An open fire grill with a design based on the ancient Nordic technique for burning wood stumps, it’s a hollowed piece of alder wood log that’s been filled with ready-to-burn alder wood charcoal inside. Simply strike a match, light the bundled wick, and watch it catch flames with no lighter fluid necessary. Just lay down any fish, kabob, or hotdogs you’re cooking on top (you can add your own grate, too, if you prefer).


Similar to the Light N Go, you can use the Burnie to start a setup-free campfire, without having to go through the usual motions that starting one requires. It comes in two sizes: large (weighs 5.5 pounds and burns out in 2.5 hours) and medium (weighs 3 pounds and burns out in 1.5 hours). The charcoal is chemical-free, so there’s no lighter fluid to ruin the taste of any food item you’re cooking. Since the log is pretty thick, you can even lay down cooking pots on top, in case you need to boil some water or cook rabbit stew for supper instead.   The fire will be contained inside the log the entire time, with the log also eventually burning, so there’s zero waste leftover at the end of the burn time (nothing to clean up).


The Burnie is available now, priced at $12.95 for the medium and $14.95 for the large.

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