Burrito Pop Lets You Eat Burritos The Same Way You Eat A Push Pop

Burritos are great. Problem is, it’s too easy to make a mess when eating one. With too much filling and sauces held together by nothing but a rolled tortilla that you have to carry by hand, it’s just too easy to rip, tear, or fold the flatbread in such a way that a whole bunch of its contents fall off every time you bite. Sadly, no amount of paper wrap or aluminum foil can keep the mess from happening. That’s why the Burrito Pop showed up to save the day.

A dedicated container for holding and eating burritos, it lets you keep the tasty Mexican dish inside its own chamber, so any spills stay in the main compartment instead of the floor, the table, or your clothes. Whether you’re eating a burrito while walking to your apartment, finishing it off in bed, or taking a half-eaten burrito home in your car, this thing makes it easy to do that without getting food all over the place.

The Burrito Pop is a tube-shaped container sized to hold a single burrito. It’s insulated, so it will keep your tortilla-wrapped dish warm while you walk from the Tex-Mex food truck to your apartment two blocks away. We know, the store wraps the burrito in aluminum foil to keep it warm, too, but we have a feeling having this extra layer of hard plastic will do an even better job. In case you took too much time getting back home, the container is microwave-safe, too, so you can easily reheat your burrito in it. Oh yeah, make sure to take the foil off because… you know… it can start a fire and all that.

This thing is huge, by the way, so any reasonably-sized burrito should fit inside its main compartment easily, with the extra room allowing you to keep any spills contained. And yes, the entire thing, from the walls to the lid to the base, is made from a hard plastic, so you can throw this in a bag without getting your burritos squashed from every direction.

The Burrito Pop actually gets its name from the Push Pop – those lollipops-in-a-tube that allowed you to raise and lower the candy by rotating its base. That’s because it uses a similar design, which they call the “burrito elevator,” to raise and lower the burrito from the container. Turn the base one way to make it pop out, take a bite, and turn the base the other way to lower it back down. Since the burrito stays in the container, any fillings falling out or sauces dripping should stay mostly inside, all while keeping your hands clean, since you never have to touch any part of the thing at any point.

Does this seem like overkill for holding and eating a burrito? Sure, it does. The darn thing’s as big as Thermos and leaves you with a big container to carry back home. If you want a way to cleanly eat burritos, though, there’s really nothing better.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Burrito Pop. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $33.

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