Use The Butter Mill To Grate Cold, Hard Butter Into Easy-To-Spread Ribbons


Similar to the ButterUp, the Butter Mill turns cold bricks of butter into grated ribbons that are easier to spread on your breads, biscuits, and vegetables. Unlike the former, though, it doesn’t bother redesigning the butter knife, choosing to perform its duties as an old-fashioned grating tool, instead.

Made by Cooks Innovations, it’s a cylinder-shaped container where you keep your butter instead of a tray, with an integrated grater that you can use to dispense ribbons of the ubiquitous dairy product. The butter stays covered inside the container the whole time, where it’s protected by a tight-fitting lid, keeping it fresher for longer while keeping breadcrumbs and other external items from getting on it.

Because the Butter Mill dispenses grated ribbons, the erstwhile cold butter softens almost instantly, making it easy to spread onto your favorite rolls even off the fridge. To use, simply pick it up, twist the knob, and layer those ribbons of butter on the bread, which you can then spread with a regular butter knife with the same ease that you spread peanut butter. A stainless steel grater performs the job of tearing through the cold butter, with the rest of the assembly cut in BPA-free plastic. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so you just throw it in with the rest of the dishes to clean up.

If you’re sick of hard butter tearing up your bread, the Butter Mill isn’t just a solid solution, it’s reasonably affordable at $19.95, too.

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