C-Seed 201 Is A Giant TV For Your Backyard

All rich people have fancy media rooms.  And since you’re rich, you naturally have one, too.  But since all the other rich homes in the neighborhood have the same thing, it doesn’t quite feel as special anymore.  And what’s the point of being filthy rich when you can’t feel special?  Well, throw some of that money on  the C-Seed 201 TV and you’ll probably feel a whole lot better.

Created by C-Seed Entertainment Systems and Porsche Design Studio, it’s a giant outdoor TV for turning your entire backyard into an open-air media room.  That way, you can watch your favorite Blu-ray movies while roasting a pig, drinking by the pool or shooting zombie targets in the backyard.

Billed as the “world’s largest LED TV,” the C-Seed 201 packs a humungous 201-inch screen, ensuring everyone in your backyard party can enjoy the UFC PPV wherever in the yard they end up chilling in.  The TV comes with 725,000 LEDs, a 100,000 Hz refresh rate, ultra-wide viewing angles, 42-bit color depth and 5000 nits of brightness, ensuring picture quality isn’t sacrificed to achieve the gargantuan dimensions.

Unlike home TVs, its not just a single large panel.  Instead, it features a folding mechanism that allows the 201-inch panel to fold automatically into seven parts at the touch of a button when not in use.  It comes with professionally-installed underground storage, too, so the TV can be completely hidden away from sight.  Features include an automated lift (height adjustable up to 15 feet), 270-degree rotation, fully water-repellent surfaces, 3-way outdoor audio system (15 speakers total) and wireless connectivity to an indoor-installed media hub.

The next time somebody brags about being rich, tell them they’re probably not that rich if they don’t have a C-Seed 201 TV.  Price for the set is $655,000.

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