C-Seed M1 Is A 165-Inch MicroLED TV That Retracts Under Your Floor When Not In Use… Really

Some people are fine watching their shows and movies on a 30-inch TV. Others can’t live with anything under 55 inches. And then there are those who get the biggest panels available to make their homes feel like a miniature cinema. Those are the people the C-Seed M1 is meant to impress.

A massive 165-inch microLED TV, it’s a humongous screen designed for cavernous living rooms where you can have a dozen or more feet of separation between your TV and the couch.  Basically, if you live in a mansion, a castle, or a warehouse (hey, we don’t judge), this is a TV worth adding to any options you’re currently considering. And no, this isn’t even the biggest panel they have, as they’ve also peddled a similarly-retractable 201-inch TV for superyachts in the past.

Despite having a home that can accommodate the C-Seed M1’s massive proportions, it is a fact that a 165-inch TV is still overwhelming. Seriously, it’s like a giant statue that will draw all the attention in the room, which could be bad when your ego demands you to be the star of the show when entertaining guests in your home. That’s why C-Seed designed the TV with five hinged sections that allows it to fold into a more compact pile that can then disappear inside a specially-designed compartment that they will install under the floors of your home. Yep, it’s a TV that can automatically fold and retract into a hidden chamber right beneath the floor, where it sits completely away from sight, allowing you to tell guests you don’t watch TV on those days you’re trying to give off an intellectual vibe.

Once the guests leave, of course, you simply have to press a button to get your binge-viewing fix, with the floor opening and a collapsed column of machined aluminum rising out of it. From there, the TV unfolds into its full form, allowing you to watch your favorite programs in a format that literally looks larger than life.

The C-Seed M1 uses a microLED panel, the new TV technology that rivals the picture quality of OLED while providing higher brightness, lower chance of burn-in (no organic compounds to degrade), and better energy efficiency. Most importantly, though, microLEDs allow you to assemble a single display seamlessly using multiple panels, paving the way for this model’s folding capabilities. According to the outfit, microLEDs are able to perfectly hide the seams with help from the built-in Adaptive Gap Calibration tech they are using, creating a TV that looks no different from a single 165-inch panel.

This is, of course, a 4K panel that boasts all the best characteristics you can ask for from a modern TV. That includes a color processing depth of 16 bits per color, a 64-billion color spectrum, advanced HDR and HDR10+ processing, a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, and a brightness of 1000 nits. The LEDs are also rated for a 100,000-hour lifespan, so you’ll be paying enormous money for something that should last quite a long while. It has two 250W onboard speakers and a 700W subwoofer, so your gigantic picture is accompanied by equally massive sound.

The C-Seed M1 is available now, priced at $400,000. That doesn’t include installation, which, we’re guessing, will cost you a whole lot, too, considering you’ll have to make actual renovations on whatever room you decide to put this in.

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