Turn Any Door Into A Wine Cabinet With The Cabidor Wine Steward


Installing a dedicated wine storage is a great idea if you like keeping a few bottles of vino on tap. If you don’t really have the space for one, however, maybe this Cabidor Wine Steward can fill the void.

Just like Cabidor’s other cabinets, it installs behind the door, giving you a handy place to store wines and glasses without taking up any precious floor space. That way, even if you live in the most cramped apartment in the world, as long as you have a door that isn’t already accommodating some other fixture, your brand new wine cabinet is going to fit right in.


The Cabidor Wine Steward can mount on the door using the company’s patented hinge technology, making it easy to set up and remove as you desire. It also folds flush against the door when not in use (with the contents hidden away), so you don’t have to see your wine bottles and be tempted to spring a glass every time you glance.   The cabinet features six separate racks for wine bottles, slots for up to six wine glasses, and a couple of shelves for holding corkscrews and other barware supplies. There’s even a clever fold-out table, so you can pour yourself a glass right by the door (make sure to lock the door, though, unless you’re fine with a messy accident).


The best part? It should work on any standard door, so if you want to keep more than six bottles around, simply install one on every door in the house. Problem solved.  Alcohol problem?  Not solved.

Available now, the Cabidor Wine Steward retails for $349.

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