These Cacti Coasters Turn Into A Fake Decorative Succulent When Not In Use


It’s not uncommon to keep a few coasters on the coffee table at all times. People in the house place their drinks there all the time, after all, so having a coaster within easy reach is a great way to keep everything clean and neat. If you don’t like the sight of a stack of coasters in a corner of the coffee table, though, maybe you’ll find these Cacti Coasters a more affable alternative.

When not in use, the coasters can pull double-duty as a decorative fake cactus, so you can embellish the living room with the tacky sight of a fake indoor plant. Yeah, it doesn’t exactly give the place more chic, polish, or refinement, but it sure as heck looks more entertaining than the stack of Bud Light coasters you stole off the neighborhood bar.


Seven coasters are included in the Cacti Coasters set, which you can arrange in the included planter to simulate the appearance of arid-region succulents.   You’re free to arrange them in whatever configuration you prefer, so you can make a fat cactus, a tall cactus, or any other cactus you desire. Not in the mood to build a funny-looking cactus? Not a problem, since you can also just stack the coasters together inside the same planter to keep them out of the way. Designed by Clive Roddy, each coaster is made from water-resistant engineered wood, with the planter shaped from actual terracotta.


Available directly from Roddy’s website, the Cacti Coasters are priced at £28.

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