Café X Replaces The Barista With A Six-Axis Robot Arm That Can Make 120 Drinks Per Hour


Yes, a six-axis robotic arm preparing your coffee sounds absolutely overkill. It’s also going to be absolutely fascinating to watch. So, yeah, we absolutely won’t mind having the Café X Robotic Café replacing our favorite barista. Sorry, dude.

A fully-automated robot coffee stand, the setup consists of a stall with a pair of coffee machines in the back, three touchscreen displays out front, and a Mitsubishi six-axis robotic arm taking up the usual spot for the barista. And, yes, the lone arm takes over for the barista’s usual tasks, swiveling back and forth along the machines to put your drink together at a rate of around 120 drinks per hour.


You can place your order on the Café X Robotic Café either from the touchscreens out front or ahead of time via the companion app. In both cases, the robot will immediately add the drink to the queue, releasing any drink ordered from the touchscreen via the elevator-style dispenser and setting aside those ordered from the app. When you order from the app, you will be given a four-digit code identifying your order, which you can enter on the touchscreen once you do decide to pick it up.


Do note, the system doesn’t actually eliminate humans from the picture. Instead, each stand will have a single personnel whose job it is to set recipes, pre-tune the machines, and answer any questions from customers, so your favorite barista might still have a job after all.

Learn more from about the Café X Robotic Café from the link below.

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