Caffeinated Maple Syrup: For Pancakes With A Jolt

You love a huge breakfast with four stacks of pancakes, a couple sausages and a Belgian waffle on the side.  The problem: big meals leave you sleepy and the taste of coffee makes you want to puke.  The solution: Wired Wyatt’s Caffeinated Maple Syrup.

That’s right, delicious maple syrup to lace your pancakes with packed with enough dose of caffeine to keep you awake the rest of the morning.  No need to sip coffee or down a can of energy drinks — just put a helping of the syrup on your Pancake Plate, gobble it up and you’re good to go.

Wired Wyatt’s Caffeinated Maple Syrup is made from all-natural maple syrup that’s been spiked with 84mg of caffeine for every serving (most energy drinks come with about 80 mg a can).  If you’re trying to limit your syrup intake by virtue of all that sugar, this might just give you extra incentive — have too much and you won’t just get fat, you’ll stay awake for the next two days as well.

It comes in a bottle measuring 8 x 3.75 x 1.625 inches, which holds about 14 servings of syrup-slurping, caffeine-loading goodness.  Oh, and just in case you want to add a little more hit to that instant coffee you take every morning, you might even get away with using this for sugar (disclaimer: if it tastes horrible, blame yourself for drinking instant coffee).

Thinkgeek has Wired Wyatt’s Caffeinated Maple Syrup available now.  Price is $12.99 per 16.5 oz. bottle.

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