CakeDozer Serving Utensil Bulldozes Cake Slices To Get It On Your Plate


Cake servers are great for bringing a piece of that sugary pastry from the counter and walking it over to the dining table (after you slice it with this cake saw, of course). Problem is, it’s practically impossible to transfer the slice to a plate without touching it, since the darn thing isn’t really equipped to push itself out of the blade. The CakeDozer changes that.

Armed with a movable plastic bulldozer on the blade, the server gives you a facility for easily pushing the slice off to your plate, similar to how a real bulldozer moves mounds of dirt, sand, and gravel out of the way. At no point will you need to touch the cake when dropping it off, too, so the slice should look pristine and untouched – perfect for feeding picky guests or taking snaps for your social media feeds.


Made by Peleg Design, the CakeDozer is an erstwhile regular cake server that you can use to slice pieces off that carrot cake, cheesecake, or whatever other baked dessert you got waiting in the kitchen. It measures 9.6 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches, so it can carry a pretty big piece, although the bulldozer does take some space on the blade, so you would want to be careful not to have the slice teetering too far off the brink. A thumb control along the handle allows you to push the bulldozer to gently drop off the slice.


Slated to come out in October, the CakeDozer is priced at $16.50.

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