Cal Flame G5000 Puts A Cocktail Table Around An Incinerator So You Can Party While It Burns


Like to party, hate to clean?  Make your after-party disposal a little simpler with the Cal Flame G5000, a cocktail bar with a built-in incinerator so you can just push stuff off the table and into the pit.

It’s a match made in heaven.  Clad with a round tabletop, your guests can sip their drinks and hit on each other around the incinerator.  You can use it as a fireplace for effect.  Once the party’s over, simply dump all those disposable cups, tissues, paper plates and refuse on the tables into the pit.  Absolutely no piles of garbage to deal with.


Compact and stylish, the Cal Flame G5000 is designed to play as a captivating centerpiece in your home’s outdoor areas.  The industrial-grade, round glass tabletop can accommodate up to six guests,with built-in 360-degree footrests so they can relax while looking dapper around the hearth.  It doesn’t come with its own barstools so you can equip with a separate set or use the barstool option for extra dough.

A backyard firepit and a cocktail table in one.  Why didn’t I think of that?  It’s perfect in so many ways.   If the food sucks, you can just throw it ever so slyly into the fire and have no one notice.  You never have to pretend to enjoy your sister’s cooking again.  Like the hype on the product page says, it’s a “magical setting for the ultimate backyard.”  True that.

The Cal Flame G5000 is available from Cal Spas for $6,900, which is nowhere near the amount of money you’re losing by simply cleaning up after a party.  Still, having a place where you can incinerate chicken bones while you eat your tub of Popeye’s sounds pretty nifty, doesn’t it?

[Cal Spas via Born Rich]