Caliber Collection Bracelets Are Made From Destroyed Guns

From years of watching cop shows on TV, I’ve, pretty much, concluded that police destroy all illegal guns they take off the streets during specific times of the year. I mean, that’s when TV criminals try to steal them from the police — while being transported to be destroyed. Turns out that isn’t always the case.  At least, not with the Newark Police Department, some of whose confiscated guns and bullet casings have been turned into beautiful bracelets in the Caliber Collection.

If you’ve stayed away from cuffs and bangles because that kind of jewelry doesn’t suit your rugged manly style, these should have you thinking twice.  Sure, they’re just as pretty as the stuff you see at your favorite jewelry stores, but the backstory, especially with the original serial number of a gun used to build it etched onto the surface, should make the line of bracelets a heck of a lot more interesting.

The Caliber Collection cuffs and bangles take on an oval shape that’s based on the trigger cage of a gun.  Each one is handmade, with the sides hammered flat to give it that manly edge.  The bracelets come in two makes, either steel or brass, with some models encrusted with a small (0.11 carats) diamond right next to the serial number.  The cuffs are fully adjustable to fit any size wrist, while the bangles come in four sizes.

You can order the Caliber Collection bracelets directly from the product website, with prices starting at $150.

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