California Cowboy’s Out Of Pocket Pouch Lets You Disconnect Without The Gut-Wrenching Act Of Turning Off Your Phone

Ever wanted a moment of peace and quiet, but your smartphone won’t stop buzzing every few minutes? It’s what they do, after all, keeping you busy with unnecessary things, which, let’s be honest, most of us do prefer to spending our time idly. But when those moments come that you require some quiet introspection, that incessant stream of notifications can be annoying. While you can always just turn the phone off entirely, the guys from California Cowboy figured you might want some cool gear to go along with your moment of disconnecting. As such, the California Cowboy Out of Pocket Pouch exists.

You know those signal-blocking pouches they make you put your phone in during concerts, so they can keep your phone habits from disrupting the show? It’s like that, except you can actually open the pouch any time you want, instead of having to go to the lobby to get it unlocked. That way, you can disconnect at any time at your own discretion. Afterwards, you can take a picture of the pouch and share a story of how you disconnected for 30 minutes on social media, which sounds way cooler (or lamer, depending on your perspective) than simply saying “I turned my phone off for 30 minutes.” Alright.

The California Cowboy Out of Pocket Pouch is a small pouch that’s essentially a pocket-sized Faraday cage, allowing you to slip in any device to keep wireless signals from communicating with it. Yes, like a tinfoil hat for your phone. It’s made with a technical ripstop fabric that’s equal parts durable and signal-blocking, with the ability to shrug off all Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and cell signals, so nothing gets in contact with your phone’s radio chips. Since you don’t have to turn off your phone to disconnect, you won’t have to go through the traumatizing process of having to turn it on and wait an eternity for everything to boot up before you start seeing your messages, as those things go right through as soon as you open the pouch,

According to the outfit, it’s designed to fit phones up to 6.5 inches, so anything but the most obnoxiously large phones should be able to go in. Yes, we’re talking about that 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max in your pocket – if you can even make it fit in your skinny jeans, that is.

The California Cowboy Out of Pocket Pouch comes with a flap that securely shuts your phone inside using an edge-to-edge Velcro strip. That means, you won’t have to work too hard to get your phone out of the pouch, either, so you simply grab the pouch and rip the flap once you start getting a little too antsy for comfort. Since you’re going to want to share your cute signal-blocking pouch on all your friends’ social feeds, it comes with a patch of Velcro in the back that lets you decorate the pouch with any colorful patch of your liking. In case you don’t have any, don’t worry, as they include three rectangular patches that declare the pouch’s amazing abilities to keep you offline, if only for a brief moment.

The California Cowboy Out of Pocket Pouch is available now, priced at $38.

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