Embedded LEDs Allow The LEDsaber Foam Sword To Glow Like A Lightsaber


Plastic lightsabers (or, better yet, Lasersabers) are great for staging make-believe Sith vs. Jedi battles. Problem is, going at it with full-force can end up quickly destroying your collectible toy, apart from potentially leaving someone with a few scrapes in the process. And while foam lightsabers are always an alternative, the lack of a lighting element to simulate the lasers kind of destroys the whole idea of role-playing characters from the Star Wars universe. The Calimacil LEDsaber offers the perfect middle ground.

As the name implies, it’s a foam lightsaber that you can use to safely whack a friend in the face as many times as you want to. Unlike regular foam swords, it comes with actual LEDs in the core, allowing it to glow brightly like a real lightsaber.

The LEDsaber is made from a foam material that the company describes as “practically indestructible,” so you can go full Jedi on your next LARP duel without worrying about damaging neither the foam nor the lighting hardware inside it. There are two types of foam blades, single color and RGB, both of which will need to be paired with an accompanying hilt, which contains the button that switches the LEDs on and off. Three options in hilt are available: Basic, Advanced, and Master. Basic is the hilt for the single-color LED blades; Advanced can work with both types of foam blades, as well as pair with a Bluetooth app where you can control the lighting effects; and Master inherits all the Advanced features, while adding sound effects trigged by an onboard motion sensor, raising the realism in your role-play encounters.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the LEDsaber. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $225.

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