Calvin Klein’s USB Shades Shields Your Eyes, Carries Your Files


I guess it had to happen. With USB flash drives turning up in all sorts of shapes and sizes, seeing one decked on a pair of designer specs isn’t all that difficult a proposition – as strange as the association might seem. Calvin Klein’s upcoming USB Shades fit in a deck of flash storage on one detachable arm, allowing you to carry your data while clad in an eye-protecting piece of accessory.

Unless you live in the dankest place on earth, you probably wear a pair of shades every now and then. While I doubt these pair of specs are any sexier than your favorite piece of eyewear (especially with that ugly locking panel on the side), it’s hard to argue with the additional utility.

The shades themselves aren’t anything special to look at, though that impression may be different once we chance upon one in person. Pull out the end of the right-side arm and you’ll turn up a regular-looking 4GB flash drive that you can plug into a PC for normal use, ready to store your files, documents and data.

As fun as it is to make bedfellows out of otherwise unrelated utilities, this one is just too strange for me to handle. I can’t really imagine a scenario where it would make sense for me to carry a USB on my shades, instead of in a safe place on my pocket. Still, you do what you can to stand out, I guess.

Just make sure to avoid storing important data in there – shades tend to get lost too easily for a lot of people I know. Calvin Klein’s USB Shades will be available for your accessory and storage use this coming October for a $199 damage.

via Men Style