Camera Day Pack: A Light Bag For A Light Day About Town

Being on vacation is fun.  No job, no responsibilities and no overbearing weather.  Heck, you don’t even have to talk to anyone — just wear your Traveler’s Phrasebook Shirt and point to what you want. Everything feels light.  Except your camera bag.  Trade it in for the Camera Day Pack.

If you’re going to explore, you’re going to catch some fetching scenes.  And you’ll want to smack yourself silly when you don’t have your DSLR to record it for posterity.   This camera bag makes for the ideal compromise — allowing you to bring your rig, while barely cramping your style.

Billed as a “just-the-right-size camera bag,” the Camera Day Pack measures 8 x 8 x 5 inches.  The main compartment features two removable dividers, so you can outfit it depending on the rig you have.  For smaller SLRs, you can keep both dividers in, along with your lens and a flash; for bigger equipment, simply adjust as needed.  Lenses up to 55mm in length can be held inside the hole.

With durable construction, a water-resistant material and heavily padded lining, the bag should keep your expensive photography rig amply protected.  Since you’re going to need to carry other things, it has five pockets scattered throughout the bag for holding your William Wallet, Hookeychain, phone, electronic translator and other necessities.   It comes with an adjustable padded strap for comfortably hanging on your shoulder.

The Camera Day Pack comes in two colors — blue and purple, both of which look like they’re more suited to girls than bearded men’s men such as yourself.   Still, it should get the job done.  Plus, you’re a tourist — you’re supposed to look like a dork.  It’s available from Photojojo, priced at $60.