Camou Is The Cowboy Chair The Wild West Missed Out On

Modern cowboys don’t spend all their days on a horse in the field anymore.  They actually come inside the house, sit on a desk, and post pictures of the calf they corralled this morning on Facebook, too.  At least, that’s what I imagine they do (I actually have no idea).  But the Camou should definitely be the chair they sit on while doing all that.

Designed by Christian Sjöström, it’s a chair that’s shaped like a saddle on a horse.  That way, cowboys can spend time indoors while feeling like they spent the whole day atop a steed, with their legs in an uncomfortable position without proper circulation, the way life should be for anyone who herds cattles week in and week out. Yee-haw.

Sure, the Camou will be just a little more comfortable than actually horseback riding out on a ranch in the middle of a sunny afternoon.  After all, you won’t be sitting on an actual horse, your room probably has air-conditioning (maybe even with smart AC controls), and Christian actually threw in a backrest in there.  But, hey, it’s close enough that you can maintain your cowboy cred, even while spending an inordinate amount of time liking horse pictures on Facebook and watching rodeos on YouTube.  Plus, you’ll probably be bow-legged by the time you get up from this chair, so that’s totally cowboy right there.

Construction is steel for the tube frame, with a 3D mesh textile serving as the actual seat surface.  Christian claims the form is “a result of function, material, and ergonomics.”  I’m not actually sure about that last one, but, hey, hardcore cowboys will probably agree.

The Camou is only a prototype for now.  You can see more pictures from Christian’s official website.

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