Camp Chef Outdoor Oven Makes Nature Your Kitchen

Camping outdoors is fun.  No matter how you slice it, though, two or three days out in the wild makes you long for the conveniences of home.  Turn nature into your personal kitchen with the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven, a full-featured cooking apparatus designed for ease of use and portability.

Obviously, you won’t be carrying this around on your backpack while hitting a climbing trail.  If you’re going to be setting camp for a while, though, you can easily take this from the car to your spot, provided you can round up enough muscle to carry 35lbs.

The Camp Chef Outdoor Oven comes with two matchless igniter range burners, along with a two-rack 10 x 16 x 10 inch oven, letting you prepare practically any dish that you typically do at home.  It features durable stainless steel construction, an oven thermometer and a maximum oven temperature of 400 degrees.

For power, it’s designed to use disposable propane cans, with a 1-lb can providing enough juice for up to five straight hours of oven cooking at maximum heat. It can also hook up to bulk tanks, but requires a separately sold adapter.

Think about it: freshly-baked blueberry muffins, sizzling bacon and beefy macaroni casserole right in the middle of nowhere.  Sure, the bears will probably invite themselves with the smell of your delicious cooking, but you’ll be eating better than every outdoor family before you.  At least, until the local grizzly wrecks everything.

You can score the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven from Amazon or link below.

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