Campa All Terrain Trailer Brings Serious Amenities In A Compact Package

There are plenty of small trailer solutions for bringing the comforts of home into your weekend camping trips while still traveling light.  The All Terrain Trailer has to be one of the most compact we’ve seen, looking nothing more than a slightly taller and wider food cart when completely folded up for transport.

Made by Campa, the trailer measures just 11.1 x 5.9 x 6 feet (l x w x h) when all bundled up, making for easy hauling even by smaller vehicles.  With 13 inches of ground clearance and built-in shocks, you can’t only take it through tight spaces, but through the toughest terrain nature can offer.

Despite the small size, the Campa All Terrain Trailer doesn’t skimp on the amenities.   It rocks a mini-kitchen set, with a two-burner Brinkmann SS Stove, a small countertop for food preparation, a water sink, a 6-person cutlery set, a 6-person crockery set, a set of pots, and a set of Tupperware for food storage.  There’s also an onboard electrical system (12 VDC deep cycle battery) with available outlet plugs for use with any outdoor appliances you bring, along with onboard lighting, water pump, and a fire extinguisher for those times you accidentally set the forest on fire.

For storage,  it comes with a large main container (57 x 43 x 24 inches), two side containers (39 x 12.5 x 9 inches), a 40-gallon water tank, a 5-gallon jerry can and a 10-pound propane tank.  At the top of the assembly is a raised sleeping platform which can be outfitted with a variety of pop-up tent options.  Available extras include a selection of fridges, water purifier, solar generator, hot shower, and more.

The Campa All-Terrain Trailer is available now.

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