Campeggi Tuttomio Is A Compact Private Workstation With Rotating Cubicle Walls

The Campeggi Tuttomio is, arguably, one of the most compact standalone office cubicles ever made. It’s so small, you’d sooner mistake it for a lounger than a functional workstation, but the latter is exactly what it’s meant to serve.

Consisting of a desk with an accompanying seat and a rotating wall, it’s a self-contained cubicle that will fit right in with any modern home, giving home office workers a private space where they can watch Vine videos, play any of the dozen or so Flappy Bird clones, and, occasionally, do actual productive work. Yes, just like people do in a real office, except inside the house.

Designed by Emanuele Magini, the Campeggi Tuttomio takes on a cone-like shape that looks like two high-backed lounge chairs faced against each other. The design allows for ample amounts of privacy, letting you hide behind a pair of curved walls when you need to isolate yourself from the numerous distractions in the vicinity. When you’re feeling a little social, simply rotate the walls to a desired level of opening — you can spin it just enough to let a little air in or turn it to open completely, so you can stretch the tension off your body while you figure out what excuse to tell the client about the botched project you just delivered.

Granted, the integrated desk seems just big enough for a laptop, a mouse (or, better yet, a scanner mouse), and maybe a smartphone on one end, so it’s strictly for those willing to outfit their home office with minimal gear. And claustrophobics might want to pass up on this, as well, because the working space really just seems so darn tiny.

No word on price or where you can order, but you can find out more about the Tuttomio from the Campeggi website.

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