All Aboard The Camper Van Toaster


You’ve decided to live a nomadic lifestyle and make home in a van while traveling across America.  You’ve quit your job, leased out the condo, and sold all the material belongings that once tied you down.  No more.  You are happy.  Until you realize you also sold the toaster and even the nomadic lifestyle doesn’t change the fact that you want your fill of toast and coffee every morning.   It’s time to buy a new one and we highly recommend this Camper Van Toaster.

An erstwhile standard two-slice side-by-side toaster, the kitchen appliance comes dressed up as a miniature recreation of the classic Volkswagen camper van, making it perfect for  motorhome dwellers grinding out their daily existence on the road.  It comes with no special features like pull-down warmers, collapsible bodies, or even a 50s-style radio — just a plain old toaster that looks like your creepy uncle’s hippie mobile.  And that’s all it needs to be.


The Camper Van Toaster riffs on the iconic vehicle in unmistakable detail, making it look more like a toy car than an actual kitchen appliance.  It’s got all the basic toaster features, like variable heat settings, a crumb tray, and all that.  Do note, it plugs in to a regular home outlet, so better have one of those in your mobile digs if you’re going to use this regularly.

From what we can tell, this isn’t officially licensed from Volkswagen, so we highly recommend getting one until it gets pulled.  The Camper Van Toaster is now available for pre-order with a mid-November ship date.  Price is £34.99.

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