Can-Am’s Newest Side-by-Side ATV Promises To Ride Through Mud Like No Other


Yes, every side-by-side is designed to navigate rough off-road terrains. If you want the best performance on whatever patch of land you’re driving on, though, it’s still best to get on an ATV that’s been tuned to perform on that specific surface. That’s why when driving through mud, it’s going to be hard to beat something like the Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo R.

Designed to perform in deep mud like no other, the vehicle combines superb ground clearance with next-level traction to allow drivers to maneuver across the muckiest, sloughiest, and soggiest terrains. Whether you’re slogging through a muddy trail, racing across a swamp land, or exploring a backcountry in the middle of rainy season, this thing ensures you’ll never bottom no matter how thick and deep the mud gets.


The Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo R is powered by an intercooled Rotax ACE engine that puts out a whopping 172 horsepower and 124 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful mud-specific side-by-side ATV in the market. Equipped to provide utmost confidence when driving, the vehicle retains the race-winning TTX suspension geometry of previous generations, which combines a truck-like trailing arm and three links dedicated to controlling camber to provide the rider 24 inches of travel and unparalleled power transfer to the wheels. According to the outfit, this leads to minimal bump steer, precise steering response, and increased confidence when driving at high speeds.

Can-Am’s exclusive Smart-Lok technology finds its way on the ATV’s front differential, allowing you to completely lock it for maximum traction at the push of a button. A true shift-on-the-fly differential, it allows for hyper-accurate placement when maneuvering at low speeds, giving the driver maximum confidence in their ability to navigate the slushiest mud. It comes with four driving modes, 2WD, 4WD with front diff. lock, 4WD mud, and 4WD trail, along with a “smart” mode that automatically engages and locks the front differential based on multiple data sources, providing maximum performance with minimal work on your part.


The Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo R places both the snorkeled engine and CVT intakes right behind the driver’s head, enabling maximum fording capabilities, all while maximizing power when riding through marshes and swamp. Elements like Fox 2.5 Podium Piggyback shocks front and rear, 14-inch aluminum beadlock rims, and 30-inch ITP Cryptid tires (I mean, look at those treads) further aid its mudding capabilities, while front-and-rear tow hooks, a full HMW skid plate, a 4,500-pound winch, and half doors expand its capabilities for a variety of off-road tasks.


Inside, it boasts a driver-focused cabin with centered accelerator and brake pedals, flat-bottom steering wheel that can tilt across a 25-degree angle, and a combo of analog and digital gauges on the dashboard. A low-seating position provides the driver with an increased feeling of connection with the vehicle’s every move, while the one-piece molded seats provide four-way adjustability (height and slide) to ensure maximum driving comfort.

The Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo R is priced starting at $25,999.

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