Can Grip Turns Your Canned Drink Into A Mug

I hate canned drinks. My hands are already clammy to begin with, so I don’t need no cold beer to drench it. That’s why the Can Grip sounds like a godsend, giving that inconvenient vessel mug-like handling powers.

Designed to snap onto standard 12oz cans, the contraption not only adds a plastic handle for your gross-sounding Watermelon Wheat Beer, it also appends a coaster at the bottom of the can. No more wet palms and no more rings on the coffee table. Those benefits are so awesome even the wife will approve.

The Can Grip is a single-piece plastic device that clips to the top edge of your can and cradles the bottom, giving a stein-like handle that lets you grip your drink with utmost comfort. That means you can down your way out of a six-pack with class, while everyone wrangles each can with their fingers and having it occasionally slip.

One awesome side effect: your warm hand doesn’t affect the cold can’s temperature anymore. That way, your drink stays colder for just a little while longer – obviously not as long as the Stein of Science, but that thing is just ridiculously sublime. Now, all I’m waiting for is a company to pack corned beef into a 12oz softdrink can and I’m all set, ready to chug shredded meat with the dignity of a full stein.

Available in packs of six (so you can outfit every can in your six-pack with one), the Can Grip retails for a very cheap $9.98.

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