Can I Call You Back? My House Is On The Other Line


For the first time you can have the total package of home security without the hefty monthly fees…in fact without any monthly fees. Introducing The All-In-One Wireless Security System. This comprehensive system features an infrared sensor, a motion detector and remote, with dial in access in case you forget to turn the alarm on when you leave the house.

The system can support up to 4 wireless cameras and records video automatically to an SD card upon activation. You can set it to scare off intruders with an audible alarm, or shut off the sound for a silent alarm. It features up to 8 guard zones, and the system will dial up to 6 telephone numbers upon detecting motion.


If someone breaks in, you can not only be alerted and send the police to arrest the person, but also have the invaluable video evidence for any criminal or civil court cases. Even if the power goes out, or is shut off by your intruder, the system will save it’s settings and video. Easy to install, this alarm system is the perfect choice for those who want complete home security, but don’t want to have to pay every month for it.