Can You Please Unplug That Flash Drive? I Have To Plugin My …. Vacuum?

usb-vacuum-cleanerOkay, so I’ll step up and admit it right here in front of everyone. I’m a slob. I eat, drink and sometimes sleep in front of my computer, and as a result of my slobbing I occasionally drop slivers of potato chips or crumbs from my Sub Sandwich onto the keyboard, where it slips into the tiny space between the keys into a land of circuits and silicon.

In the past, if a piece of potato chip was causing me to have trouble using the ‘S’ key or the Spacebar, I first tried digging it out with a pen or perhaps a credit card. Finally, I resorted to turning the keyboard over and banging it on the desk like a bottle of ketchup that won’t give up its contents.

Unless you want to be on a steady diet of antibiotics from the stuff you breathe in whenever you “bang out” your keyboard, I suggest the USB Vacuum cleaner. This handy little tool plugs right into the USB port on your computer and vacuums the gunk right out of the cracks of your keyboard.

The USB Vacuum Cleaner is made of ABS Plastic and comes with two different attachments, a rubber nozzle that flexible enough to squeeze into the spaces between the keys and a brush for those pieces of gunk that the keyboard doesn’t seem to want to let go of. Best of all, this little gadget is affordable for any hungry computer user at just $10.00.