Cana One Will Let You Make Nearly Any Cold Beverage Using The Same Ingredient Cartridges

We’ve seen several attempts at appliances that can automatically make cocktails at home, allowing you to get your fix of mixed drinks at the push of a button. So far, though, they haven’t quite found the same level of success as single-serve coffeemakers. What if you made an appliance that can make not just cocktails, but juices and carbonated drinks? That’s exactly what you get with the Cana One.

Billed as a “molecular beverage printer,” the device claims to be able to make nearly any kind of beverage, from carbonated sodas and juices to hard seltzers and specialty cocktails to a whole load of drinks in between. More impressively, it does that without requiring you to swap in a specialty ingredient for each kind of drink, as it claims to be able to mix any refreshment you choose using the same blend of ingredients pre-installed in its onboard cartridges. Yes, that sounds a tad too futuristic in function, but it would be really cool if they can actually get that done.

The Cana One is a countertop appliance with a 7-inch touchscreen at the top front panel and a dispenser platform on the right-hand side. The touchscreen shows a menu of all available drinks on the device, so you simply navigate the interface and choose whichever beverage you want to create. You can use standard settings or, if you prefer, adjust various elements of each drink, including the sugar content, flavor intensity, alcohol level, caffeine, and more. From there, you put your drinking cup under the dispenser and wait for it to finish. Done. According to the outfit, any drink you choose from the selection should take a mere 30 seconds or less to finish.

Obviously, it has everything it needs to create those drinks right on the appliance. It has a CO2 cartridge for making carbonated drinks similar to SodaStream, of course, as well as a water tank, since every beverage out there is made up of mostly water. There’s also a cartridge filled with nothing but sugar, as well as one filled with different types of spirits. Lastly, there’s a large ingredients cartridge that contains a variety of compounds that, the outfit claims, drive both the flavor and aroma that will allow them to recreate nearly any drink in the world.

The Cana One uses what looks like conventional CO2 cartridges, so you should be able to get them nearly anywhere, while you simply have to make sure the water tank is filled on a regular basis. The other three cartridges, namely sugar, spirits, and ingredients, are supplied from the company, so the whole thing should be as convenient as Keurig’s single-serve coffee makers. Will it be expensive? According to the outfit, it won’t, as they won’t actually charge for the cartridges. Instead, they’ll be charging for each drink you make using the cartridges, similar to getting a drink at the local juice bar and they’ll be pricing it affordably. To give you an idea, a serving of sparkling water should cost $0.29 and a serving of iced tea at $0.79, while craft cocktails will start at $2.99.

The Cana One comes out early 2023. Price is $799.

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