Candock Is A Modular System For Building Docks

You bought an island in the Pacific and set up a mad scientist lair.  And you’ve recently decided to build a dock, except you’re not sure where you want it to go.  Yesterday, you wanted it facing east.  Today, the south side of the island seems to make better sense.  Maybe you should forego building a permanent dock and set one up using Candock’s Modular Floating Docks instead.

Instead of using wood, metal and cement, the system uses plastic cubes of different sizes and shapes that you can connect with each other using an integrated nut and pin system.  Yep, just like your favorite construction toys.  Since they’re modular, you can break up the pieces and relocate the dock any time you want without wasting perfectly good materials — ideal for mad scientists who couldn’t quite make up their minds regarding the perfect location.

Candock uses  recyclable high-density polyethylene plastic with a textured anti-skid surface as the main building blocks, which you can connect into whatever size and shape of docking surface you want.  When built, they can function just like traditional docks, allowing people to load cargo to and from ships, as well as congregate on top of it.  Aside from the standard blocks, they also have jetslides for dry-docking boats and canopies for adding a roof to sections of the dock.

Since it uses high-quality plastic, the blocks supposedly require zero maintenance, even through harsh weather conditions.  Of course, I don’t believe that (at the least, you’ll need to occasionally tighten the pins), but it sure does remove a lot of upkeep that you’ll probably experience with wood and other traditional materials.

Each Candock panel comes standard in gray or beige, but they can do custom colors as requested.  No pricing is listed on the site, but you can email them directly for a quote.