These Candies Are Shaped Like LEGO Bricks, So You Can Build Models And Eat Them


We’re not entirely sure how well the pieces of the Candy Blox hold when snapped together. If you’ve ever wanted to build LEGO models that you can eat when you get bored with them, however, this thing offers your best shot at building edible LEGO creations.

Like LEGOs, you can snap each of the pieces together using the integrated connectors, allowing you to fashion them into all sorts of toys and objects. From robots and cars to bridges and buildings, these candies can make for hours of building fun just like your favorite construction toys.


Granted, Candy Blox doesn’t have much assortment as far as the shapes and sizes of the bricks go, so you’ll be limited to somewhat boxy-looking creations. The bricks come in four colors, namely blue, green, red, and yellow, each of which tastes like blueberry, lime, cherry, and banana, respectively. Pro-tip: the banana is the best-tasting, so you might want to eat those first and just play with the rest.

Do note, these candies are very hard and dense, so don’t expect to bite on them unless you want to risk chipping your teeth. On a positive note, being hard means that you can make some pretty sturdy models with these things that ants, cockroaches, and rats may probably end up coming for if you leave them out in the open.

The Candy Blox is available in small packs, big packs, and everything in between. Link below is for the three-pound bulk pack (approximately 450 pieces), priced at $18.99.

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