Cannondale Adventure Neo 1EQ E-Bike Comes With 85-Mile Range,  20-MPH Top Speed, And Built-In Garmin Radar

The events of last year (that continue to this day) fueled a rise in bicycle use in nearly every place in the world. And it doesn’t look like it’s trending in reverse any time soon, even as life very slowly returns to normal. While a regular bike is great, it just takes way too much leg power to get it running at a fast enough pace to make commuting in one worth it, which is why many folks are opting for their faster, less-fatiguing electric counterparts. The Cannondale Adventure Neo 1Q offers one of the most compelling e-bikes we’ve seen, with its impressive combination of range, speed, and all-around riding comfort.

Billed as “the most comfortable e-bike,” it combines easy operation and smooth riding characteristics, so you can just ride and get to your destination without having to worry about anything on the road. Everything about the bike has been thoughtfully designed to make it easy for any level of rider to use, making it the perfect e-bike option for folks who don’t want to mess with the intricacies of bike parts and drive systems. You know… people who just want a good way to get around the city and nothing more.

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 1EQ has a step-through frame, which, we have to admit, isn’t the kind of bike most guys will gravitate towards as it’s traditionally been targeted towards women. Somehow, though, the outfit made it work, as it looks sporty enough with its steep frame angle to make the step-through design less of an issue. Seriously, it looks great. From what we can tell, they went this route to further reinforce the “comfortable use” characteristic, as this makes mounting and dismounting absolutely hassle-free.

It’s equipped with Bosch’s e-bike drive system, which uses a motor that propels it to top speeds of up to 20 mph, with four different settings of pedal assistance. They pair that with a removable 625Wh battery installed on the downtube, which gives the e-bike a whopping 85 miles of range between charges, so you can use this to get to work in the morning while still allowing for plenty of stops on the way home without even draining the battery.

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 1EQ has an integrated rear-facing radar from Garmin that can alert you to vehicles approaching from behind, so you’re duly informed without having to take your eyes off the road. It has sensors mounted at the wheel that record your riding stats on the fly (speed, distance, calories burned, and more), while an intuitive dashboard on the left-hand side of the handlebar makes it easy to monitor all of that information.

To ensure comfortable riding, it gets a suspension fork and seatpost, large 27.5-inch tires that will absorb bumps on the road, and an upright riding position that keeps you confident through long rides in traffic. Other features include a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain, SmartForm C3 alloy frame with internal cable routing, front and rear lighting, premium fenders, and a rear carrier.

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 1EQ is available now, priced at $4,350. If that’s too rich for your budget, they also offer the same design in a few lesser configurations (smaller battery, fewer gears), starting at $2,700.

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