CanvasPop Lets You Make Large-Canvas Prints Of Any Resolution, Will Put Your Photo In Times Square


Want to get your photo in a big screen on Times Square?  CanvasPop can put it there, provided you’re among the first 500 customers to avail of their service, which transfers images of any resolution into large canvas prints.

Your photo will go up for a very limited time – 15 seconds, in fact.  Regardless, just imagine how awesome it would be to stand in the middle of Times Square, looking at your picture in a huge digital billboard 23 stories above the city.


Producing gorgeous-looking canvas prints is one thing.  Doing it with photos from underpowered cameras (like the one in the iPhone) is quite an accomplishment.  CanvasPop will gladly nab photos from your online profiles (they specifically mention  Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket) and turn them into veritable art pieces for showing in your living room.  Heck, you can erect a billboard stand on your roof and probably strap it on there. Now, your friends can really find your house from Google Earth.

Numerous services have printed consumer photos onto canvases before.  However, CanvasPop is probably the first one brave enough to offer it using low-res shots from social media profiles.  Finally, you can get your favorite preening poses from Facebook (not to mention, shots of you with your cats) in a larger-than-life format.  To top it all off, you can pick from a host of cool filters to enhance the final product.

Prices for the service start at $30 (for 8 x 10 prints).  Those who get in on the Times Square promotion can order a time-stamped shot of their picture up on the billboard for an extra $40.

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