Cap-Sac: Really Cheesy Headwear From The 1980s


How cool would it be to wear a hat with a zippered front pocket?  Not in a million years, probably, but try telling that to the makers of Cap-sac, which combines both a fanny pack and a baseball cap to create one of the cheesiest headwears around.

It first came to market in 1987, but the lack of internet (where all cheesy things are heralded) then, somehow made the contraption unfit for the cool crowd.  Being 2009 and with a global market at their fingertips, someone must have figured, “Hey, why not give it another shot?”

Proprietor Jessica Aceti is responsible for reviving the line, which her mom co-founded back when 3 Men And A Baby was the #1 movie in the world.  The resuscitated head-worn fanny pack is made from nylon and is available in a variety of colors, including painfully neon ones.

What sorts of things can you fit in its pocket?  I’m not entirely sure.  While a cell phone would definitely go in, it’s odd to imagine carrying that sort of weight on your forehead (at the top of your head, it might be fine, though).  I suppose you can keep a few condoms in there, in case you come across a girl who will actually have sex with someone who looks like he leapt straight out of Revenge of the Nerds.

The Cap-sac is currently listed for $13.  Its real price, though, is your dignity – just kidding.

[Cap-sac via Geekologie]