Caps_Lock, The Hat Technology That Makes Sure Any Cap Fits Your Head Perfectly


Thanks to accessory company Nobis, Caps_Lock now has two meanings. Apart from the well-known function of turning out characters in uppercase, it’s also the official name for Nobis’ clever technology that allows their caps to fit all heads.

Caps_Lock, in this case, is all about locking your head-worn cap in place. Instead of using straps, garters or – gasp – Velcro, the innovation lets Nobis caps both tighten and loosen however you want them to. With it, caps really become one-size-fits-all accessories, with knob turns being all the adjustment you need.

The twisting knob is situated on the right hand side, about an inch past the edge of the cap bill, right at that place where you’re supposed to point the gun when you’re sick of living. Nobis calls it their “micro-adjustable headgear technology” and it works like a charm. The mechanism behind its facility is all kept under the cap, allowing it to cinch the full cap, instead of just fastening the bottom like usual straps do.

Of course, it does add an ugly button-like apparatus on your headpiece, which tends to distract a bit from the overall design. When it comes to a comfort fit, though, I can’t imagine anything offering you better. You can loosen it when lounging on the beach or tighten it up when you’re riding a bike – all without losing a single ounce of style.

Norbis has the technology aboard an array of attractive caps, each one currently available from their website for $40 and up.

[Nobis via Wired]