An Inflatable Shell Allows The Capsula Backpack To Keep Your Gear Safer Than Ever


It looks like any normal backpack – the kind you can use to carry your gear to school, at work, or during day hikes on the weekend. Except, the Capsula Backpack actually comes with an inflatable shell, allowing you to use air to both protect sensitive objects and get the bag to float whenever it’s dropped in water.

That’s right, simply blow into the integrated valve right next to the top carry handle to give the darn bag an air-filled protective wall, allowing you to keep fragile objects safe despite rough-and-tumble handling. That makes it ideal not just for carrying electronics and gadgets, but even more sensitive items like wine glasses, glass sculptures, and similar fare, not to mention the fact that it will stay afloat when you accidentally drop it in the middle of the ocean (we don’t know how you’ll retrieve it, but you’ll have a shot).


The Capsula Backpack doesn’t just have inflatable walls, the main compartment is also impervious to both water and air, courtesy of technical nylon fabric construction, an airtight-waterproof Nyseal zipper, and welded seams. Seriously, this is as reinforced as a backpack gets. It comes with shoulder straps for regular backpack use, as well as carry handles on both the top and side for alternate means of handling. Other features include an easy-access zippered front pocket, padded straps, and Velcro Omni-Tape lining.


A Kickstarter is currently running for the Capsula Backpack. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $169.

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