Hide Behind This Metal-Bodied Captain America Shield

You want a Captain America shield.  And you’ve been looking around.  But all you see are  crappy toys with more plastic than a box of Legos.  While this Captain America Metal Shield isn’t constructed from indestructible vibranium,  it’s definitely a more realistic alternative.

We’re not actually sure what it’s made from, as the product page just says “metal.”  It probably won’t bounce bullets, shatter steel doors or take down gangs of Hydra soldiers, but anything that magnets (like these Tool Dots) can stick to should be better than a flimsy sheet of hard plastic.

The Captain America Deluxe Metal Shield measures 23.75 inches in diameter, making for one big-ass armor to hide behind while battling Nerf-toting enemies and evil rubber gun bandits.  Since the construction is metal, it should hurt (even a teensy weensy bit) when your hurl it  at someone, too, so you can use it as a self-defense weapon when necessary.

Clad in the same red, white and blue design of the first avenger’s shield from the comic book, the replica armor should make for a nice part of your superhero costume, as well as a spanking wall decoration.   Just don’t make a habit of bringing it along every time you leave the house.  It’s cute when kids do it, but grown-up dudes?  Eh, not so much.

You can get the Captain America Deluxe Metal Shield from Entertainment Earth, priced at $59.99.