This Hammock Sets Up Inside Your Car, So You Can Sleep There Comfortably


Sleeping in your car isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, mostly because no cars have a single surface that can accommodate an adult’s stretched-out body. But what if you can add one? That’s exactly what the Car Hammock brings to your automotive toolbox.

Unlike other hammocks, this isn’t designed to hang on trees, poles, and stands. Instead, the darn thing is meant to set up right inside your car, giving you a hanging surface that can accommodate your entire body, all without leaving you exposed to the elements.


The Car Hammock attaches to four points in your car using a series of hooks, straps, and buckles that wrap around the front and back of the vehicle, with a set up process that supposedly takes no more than five minutes. Just make sure all the seats are reclined, so you can set your weight on the hammock without hitting the headrests.


It’s sturdy enough to accommodate up to two grown individuals, with a design that should allow it to set up in any four-door sedan and SUV (including small and midsize models), as well as some hatchbacks. Whether you plan to do some car camping, save money during road trips, or just need to take a nap before resuming driving duties, this thing should let you turn your car into a more hospitable place to sleep in.

Available now, the Car Hammock is priced at $64.

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